YLON-A Tuba Frontal Snorkel

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Conceived by a specialist, the aXis Competitive Snorkel meets the needs and the technical requirements of the classic and fin swimmer. Used by advanced and high level swimmers and fin swimmers, this snorkel fits well with junior swimmers' training. It is also an essential accessory for technical programs of swimmers.

Features Include:

  • The support of the snorkel is ergonomic and hydrodynamic
  • Easy fixing system prevents vibrations
  • Removable mouthpiece facilitates cleaning
  • Dimensions meet CMAS standards and regulations
  • 48 cm / 18.9 inches
  • Outside diameter: 20mm
  • French Underwater Federation and French Swimming Federation approved
  • Imported
  • Sleek hydrodynamic design creates less drag than other snorkels on the market
  • Smaller, lighter tube makes the snorkel more stable at high speeds, very valuable for sprint training for elite swimmers
  • Small mouth piece makes it more comfortable and less claustrophobic than other snorkels on the market
  • No purge valve allows swimmers to do flip turns while wearing the snorkel
  • Mouth piece is made of surgical silicone and removable to allow for cleaning as well as prevent injury in the event racers run into each other or bite through the mouth piece
  • Small overall size makes it comfortable to use for age group swimmers all the way up to masters swimmers
  • Head piece uses patented once piece open ring design which makes it more comfortable to wear the snorkel for long training sessions
Style Number: YLON