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TRISWIM Foggies Anti-Fog Towelettes


Introducing the only anti-fog towelette that defogs and cleans lenses at the same time! FOGGIES Anti-Fog Towelette, made by TRISwim, is perfect for swimmers, snowboarders, skiers, cyclists, divers and all athletes in between. Simply paint a thin layer of FOGGIES onto the inside surface of the lens and let dry. Within seconds the layer of FOGGIES will disappear leaving you with clear lens and taking away all of your foggy problems! Each Pack holds 6 towelettes.

  • Keeping the wipe airtight, user can yield approximately 5-6 applications.
  • Perfect for all types of swim goggles.
  • Keeps the fog at bay, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Made in USA

Style Number: Foggie