Arena Powerskin Carbon Core FX Jammer

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The new Carbon Core FX features the latest improvements to the highly successful Carbon Flex VX, and is the most compressive suit we have ever designed. New twin taping at the back of the legs which offers the swimmer a lifting effect, enabling them to hold a higher body position in the water.

The way you feel in the water has a huge impact on your race. Our Powerskin Carbon Core FX Jammers are engineered for a sensation of maximum strength. This men’s tech suit intensely compresses, oxygenating specific muscle groups called into action when swimming. It’s cut from Carbon Cage technology with horizontal and vertical bands locking onto the body. Parallel lines of dual taping on the back of the legs help maintain a horizontal, lifted position in the water, even when you’re tired. Feel powerful support and core stability on the inside with the internal taping system. Locked-in, lifted and ready to go. 

Style Number: 003662