AquaJogger Medium Delta Bells

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Get the most out of your water exercise routine with the help of the AquaJogger Delta Bells. Add resistance, stability and intensity to your workout and upper body with AquaJogger Hand Gear. The Delta Bells offer variable resistance, instead of adjusting the bells weight to change workout intensity simply adjust the speed and position of the Belta Bells to vary resistance in the water. AquaJogger Delta Bells are hydrodynamically designed to offer adjustable resistance with the turn of a wrist. Engineered with a soft, padded grip, Delta Bells are comfortable to hold and each pair comes with a workout guide to get you started!

Features Include:

  • Medium resistance hand held DeltaBells tone, strengthen, and support your upper body.
  • Triangular design adjusts resistance with the turn of a wrist
  • Premium EVA foam with soft padded grip
  • Free workout guide included