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Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion

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After a long lazy day in the sun, your skin needs revitalization and hydration. Sun Bum's Cool-Down Lotion is enriched with soothing Aloe and Vitamin E, providing an intense hydration to gently restore the skin's natural moisture balance. The light, non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Features Include:

  • Cool Down Lotion
  • 8 fl oz bottle (237 ml)
  • Restores and Protects Sun Damaged Skin
  • Contains Soothing and Cooling Aloe
  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Contains Soothing Cocoa Butter
  • Prevents Peeling for a Longer Lasting Tan
  • Alcohol Free
  • Light, Non-Greasy Formula