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Strokemaker Hand Paddles can be used for all four competitive swim strokes. Strokemakers are engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders. The Strokemaker Hand Paddles are also useful for wateraerobics, synchronized swimming and some medical rehabilitation due to their ability to increase strength and sculling abilities.

The Strokemaker Hand Paddles work to improve your stroke in the following ways:

  • Increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery
  • Strengthen swimming specific muscles as well as muscles used in propulsion
  • Holes and flexible design of the swim paddle improves the swimmers feel of the water
  • The paddles exaggerate to the swimmer both correct and incorrect movementsPlease Note
  • Strokemakers are color coded by size
  • Paddles Measure 5.25″ wide X 6.25″ long
  • Includes tubing
  • Light Blue for children age 7-10
  • Each order will come with 2 paddles

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Weight 0.0 lbs

#0 Purple, #O Blue


#O Blue, #0 Purple


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