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Malibu Swimwear Crystals Pack

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Extends the life of your swimwear and activewear, remove chlorine, bromine and minerals with the Malibu C swimwear care crystals fabric rinse. Rinse up to 25 pieces of swimwear per packet conveniently and easily. This natural, safe and eco-friencly fabric rinse by Malibu C helps maintain swimwear color and elasticity while prolonging the life of your favorite swimsuits!

Features Include:

  • .17 oz/ 5 gram packet
  • Sustains color and elasticity of fabrics, extending the life of swimwear and activewear
  • Removes chlorine, chloromine, bromine and minerals found in pools, spas and tap water
  • Helps prevent damage to synthetics (such as nylon, lycra, polyurethane, and spandex) caused by oxidizers and minerals found in water
  • Removes perspiration salts from swimwear and activewear
  • Cleans and deodorizes fabric
  • Food-grade ingredients with no harsh chemicals


    Pour contents of the packet into one gallon of lukewarm water in the sink or suitable container*. Stir crystals until thoroughly dissolved. Hand-wash synthetics in solution, then rinse with warm water. Swimwear and activewear should hang or lay flat to dry.

    * Washing machine safe